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50 Years of Fantasy Football Explained In Less Than 500 Words

If you have never heard of fantasy football, you are in the minority. Even if you have heard of fantasy football, you may not know exactly what it is, or even why players are so into it. To start, football is the biggest sport in the fantasy sports realm, but it is by no means the only sport covered. There is gaining interest in other sports around the world to allow us Couch Potato Fans the chance to get even more out of watching an event on the tv. The concept is the same for each sport, although there are many different versions and rules across all platforms. To better explain the concept behind fantasy sports, we will refer to fantasy football as the example.


Fantasy football has been around for over 50 years, claimed to have been started in 1962 by Wilfred Winkenbach. The basics are pretty simple. A fan picks players to be on their team, and they receive points based on how well statistically the player performs. There are many different ways to play fantasy football, but most involve a league. The league will consist of 10 or 12 real world players, whom will each own a team. To select players, a draft usually happens. This is similar to the real NFL draft. Owners of teams pick players in a set order until they have filled out their rosters. By filling out rosters, I mean they have to field a starting lineup every week, and there are bench spots to hold onto players for longer time frames.


After submitting lineups, owners watch the games and hope their players perform well on the field. The higher the statistics of the players on their teams, the more points they will get. Typically a league will be head to head where teams face off for the week to determine who gets a victory in the good column. Much like the real thing, there are playoffs determined by record. Then the champion at the end of the year gets the bragging rights.


This is a very quick rundown of fantasy football, but in a nutshell it gives owners the chance to really engage with sports unlike any other entertainment platform out there. Each snap of the ball could be a turning point in the fantasy world, causing a victory or defeat. Try finding that at a movie theater, where the only thing they can do to get you involved is give you some bulky sunglasses and tell you the things popping a little closer towards you are submersing you in the movie. I’ll take fantasy football submersion any day as a business owner, because I know how crazy the fans can get over something they don’t even play any role in the outcome.





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